The Detroit Red Wings were near the bottom of the NHL standings for last season and according to the Vegas odds for the Stanley Cup they will be there again next season.

According to the story from M-Live, the way too early Vegas odds for next season Stanley Cup favorites has the Red Wings listed at 75-1.  The odds were released last week by Bovada in Las Vegas.

The Red Wings are listed just ahead of Arizona and Vancouver at 80-1 and Ottawa at 100-1.

The just crowned Cup champions, Washington Capitals are listed at 14-1 to repeat.   Four teams are listed at 10-1.   The favorite to win according to the odds is Tampa at 9-1.

I can see the Wings not being there at the end for the cup, but they hopefully should be a little better than they were this season.

How better depends on how the upcoming draft turns out.   The Red Wings have the number 6th overall pick.  They also have the Vegas Golden Knights pick which is at the end of the first round.  Unless they trade both, the picks should land them some decent talent.

There is also free agency and who knows maybe they will surprise us and make some trades.  The draft is the Weekend of June 22nd and 23rd in Dallas.  As for training camp that will be in September  in Traverse City.

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