For forty years, the West Lake Drive In on Portage Road in Portage has been on of the Kalamazoo area's go-to restaurants for olive burgers and classic drive-in food. And now it's up for sale.

For Sale signs were posted on the property recently and Callander Commercial has listed the property for sale for the low, low price of $850,000. The location is described as:

Unique opportunity to own old fashioned drive-in restaurant. Landmark for over 40 years in Portage, Michigan. Overlooking sunsets at West Lake. OR, beautiful parcel with 200' frontage along West Lake for development.

Note that last sentence, the property could be sold and demolished for a different type of development should the buyer not want to continue the drive-in tradition.

The drive-in was once the neighbor of the popular Jason's Cove restaurant, now the Cove Lakeside Bistro.

The Olive Burgers and the View

What has made the West Lake Drive In so popular over the years? Ask just about anyone and they'll say it's the olive burgers and the view overlooking West Lake. This Yelp review sums it all up:

Ate lunch with my wife there today...  First time to West Lake drive in in 20 + years. Million dollar real estate.- best view of any drive in in Michigan!
Food, I had the olive burger with fried mushrooms and a root beer.  The root beer was above average!  Wife liked the onion rings.

West Lake Drive In Food
Bobby Guy/TSM

The West Lake Drive In Menu

This might soon be just a memory. Take a look back at the West Lake Drive In menu.

West Lake Drive In Menu
Bobby Guy/TSM

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