Happy Bosses Day, or as I like to call it: Happy Brown Noser Day.

Hopefully by now you've given your boss the obligatory "You're the Best Boss" card and are set with the a** kissing for at least a week. I do hope your place of business doesn't have the over zealous brown noser who goes all out and gets balloons, cake and a gift, making your Dollar Store card pale in comparison. It sucks, but every office has one.

However your a** kissing turns out, it is my hope that your boss doesn't resemble any one of the following bosses, as we present: Top 5 TV Bosses.

5) Michael Scott - The Office The king of awkwardness and political incorrectness, Michael in his own clumsy way does (deep down) care for his employees. Which might explain why most of them stick around despite his ignorance but man, he would be hard to handle (that's what she said) on a daily basis.

4) J. Peterman - Seinfeld:  He misunderstands everything. He shares way to many tales of lore. He's just very hard to work for but deep down, he seems to always have Elaine's best interest at heart so I suppose he can't be all that bad.

3) Jack Donaghy - 30 Rock: Like a lot of bosses Jack talks mostly just to hear himself talk. Expounding useless doctrine upon the masses, Jack is what in the industry we like to call a real "tool". On a positive note though, he seems to care about Tina Fey's character enough to help guide her through the landmines of the corporate world.


2) Montgomery Burns - The Simpsons: Greedy, callus, uncaring and just generally evil, Mr. Burns is the stereotypical corporate boss who only cares about increasing his own wealth and power over the goodwill of his work force.

1) Lou Grant - Mary Tyler Moore Show: A drinker, a loner and a workaholic, Lou was tough and brazen on the outside but soft and mushy on the inside as he did constantly look out for Mary in a paternal sort of way so there's that .

Which boss most resembles your boss? Let us know in the comment section below and Happy Brown Noser Day to you and yours!

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