The Season of Gift Giving is upon us.  As a direct result, so is the Season of Disappointment.  I remember one fateful Christmas; as I watched all the children in the room open Mighty Max Playsets, Skip-Its, and other assorted early 90s fads, I unwrapped a training bra and matching panties.  What made it even more awkward was once all the gifts were unwrapped, and the adults settled down for coffee and pie, all the kids started playing with their gifts... and I was stuck sitting in a corner with a box, tissue paper, and a training bra.

According to a list our friends at Reddit put together, some of the worst Christmas gifts ever received were:

1.  "I got a used gift card with only $3.75 left on it."

2.  "When I was seven, my grandma bought my cousin a PlayStation 2.  I'm the exact same age . . . and she got me a 'Shrek' lunch box."

3.  "I was unemployed and got a large, gift-wrapped box from my parents.  It was a stack of job applications from local businesses."

4.  "When I was seven I unwrapped a gift and found a Dustbuster box.  I thought my present was inside the box . . . turned out my present WAS the Dustbuster, so I could vacuum the stairs easier."

5.  "My great-aunt had a live-in caretaker.  He unexpectedly died.  The next year, when I was seven, I got a VHS copy of his funeral for Christmas."

6.  "A guy I was dating gave me a self-help book for women with daddy issues.  He was dead serious and insisted I was molested as a child.  I was not."

Right... so as the time dwindles for you to find that perfect gift for that special someone (or the annoying woman in Accounts Receivable you drew for Secret Santa) remember these poor folks who got the holly-jolly sucked right out of them.