No matter where you live, you’re always going to be facing some ups and downs, and that goes for every town. Unfortunately, one charming town in Ohio was recently named by RoadSnacks as being the worst place to live in Ohio in 2024.

If new Carlisle sounds familiar, it’s because there is some history connected to this town, going back to the days of bank robber, John Dillinger. As they pointed out, it’s well known as being a place where he committed one of his crimes, which may have caused a little bit of a rollover into this list.
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Located in southwest Ohio, about 25 minutes outside of Dayton, New Carlisle is the site of a famous crime. Bank robber John Dillinger robbed one of the town’s institutions in 1933. That may have set a tone for town, which is today the number 1 worst location in Ohio. Jobs are the main problem for New Carlisle’s 5,579 inhabitants. To be specific: there aren’t enough of them.

Does New Carlisle Have Issues With Employment?

As they point out, there may be some financial issues within the city:

The unemployment rate stands at 17.1%. Along with this, the town has a lackluster educational system, with its best school getting just a 6/10 on Great Schools.

Towns like Trotwood, Youngstown, Wellston, and Cleveland also made the top five as the worst place to live in Ohio in 2024. However, if one of these lies within the complete totality path of the solar eclipse, it would seem like this site may have not taken that into account, as many people will be flocking there next week for the eclipse.

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