One of the best things WWE has done in recent months is their web series called, "Southpaw Regional Wrestling".  If you are a fan of WWE and 80's era wrestling it is a must see.

If you are not familiar, "Southpaw Regional Wrestling"  looks back at a fictional southern wrestling promotion from the 1980's.  It features the look of old school VHS and many of the independent promotion cliches of the era.

It features many current WWE Superstars such as John Cena, Chris Jericho, Fandango, Tyler Breeze, Rusev and many more playing the various characters of this promotion.  It also has a classic voice cameo from Ric Flair on the KFC commercials.

It is hilarious and is great to see all these guys enjoying the characters that they are playing.   Some of these characters in my opinion would make great characters in the current Raw and Smackdown scene.

They recently just released a new series of clips and hopefully this will become a regular series.  Whether it continues as a web series or they add it to regular programming I think it is one of the best things they have done in years.

Now only if they would have actual wrestling  and feature Lethal Leap Year or Showdown at the Swamp.   I want to see some of these guys in the ring.

Bonus Video: Fly Talks To WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze




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