If you've never given up the dream of playing professional football, the XFL might be ready to make you an offer. The league has opened up its search for applicants on its website.

What's startling is the criteria they're using for applicants. No football experience or decades old experience appears to be alright.

On the employment questionnaire, you can choose 'none' as an option when asked about what offensive, defensive and special teams positions you've played.

Even more amazingly, the application asks what former football experience you have including NFL Europe and the original XFL. NFL Europe folded in 2007 13 years before the first scheduled 2020 XFL game while the XFL only season will have been 19 years before the relaunch of the new league.

So if you're ready to don the cleats and let everyone know that He Hate Me (you can't get through an XFL story with that namedrop), get ready to fill up the Titontron by submitting your stuff here.

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