I recently had a friend from out of state visit and he couldn't get over the fact that in the state of Michigan we return cans and bottles for money. I had to explain the whole deposit thing to him. Dude must of cost me at least a buck ten in cash from throwing away good10 cent beer bottles.

That got me to thinking. I wonder what other stuff would shock people who aren't from Michigan. Certainly the Michigan left turns when driving on the roads is different. There's the fact that we think Vernors Ginger Ale is actually medicine that could shock most. But when I was forced to narrow it down to five, I chose the following.

Top 5 Things That Would Shock People About Michigan:

5) Dead Deer strapped to the roof of a vehicle or hanging out of the end of a pick up truck. Hard to explain the passion the state of Michigan has for deer hunting, especially opening day for rifle season, which is celebrated more like a holiday then most regular holidays.

4) All weather elements on the planet can happen in a 24 hour period. Not unusual to experience rain, sunshine, snow, strong winds and even sleet in one 24 hour period. Such is weather in Michigan.

3) Michigan has the largest militia in the nation and a militia that was established way before statehood. Well over 200 years old, the Michigan militia first came to real fame after the Oklahoma City bombings.

2) Michigan has the only authentic Dutch windmill operating in the U.S. It's in Holland and is a fully functioning machine that actually produces flour for the local community and the rest of the country.

1) Michigan has a spot in the upper peninsula where balls roll uphill and instruments fail to work properly. Called the "Mystery Spot" it first gained national attention when a group of surveyors couldn't get any of their instruments to work in a designated 300 foot diameter.

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