We all know who Afroman is, right? He did that song? "Because I got High..."
You know... THAT song.

Well, Afroman has been in the news a couple of times over the past few months, and NOW, it's because Ohio Police are suing him over defamation, and it's a result of THEIR OWN Botched Raid on his property.

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The Botched Raid

Last summer, Ohio authorities executed a raid on the home of Afroman, whose real name is Joseph Edgar Foreman. The search warrant they had on his home was to seek "drug possession and trafficking, as well as kidnapping."

No evidence of ANY of those things were found in his home, and no charges were filed. He also claimed in an interview with The Guardian that police destroyed property during the raid, and seized about $400.

"I felt powerless, yet angry. These guys can destroy my property and I literally could do nothing about it."

But it turns out, there WAS something he could do... maybe not to recover his money, and fix his property... but at least draw attention to what happened.

DURING the botched raid, Afroman's wife started to record video of the officers on her phone. He was also rolling and recording from his own home security system.


Six months later, in January 2023, Afroman released three new songs, and videos to accompany them... "Lemon Pound Cake," "Why You Disconnecting My Video Camera," and "Will You Help Me Repair My Door."

The subject matter of those song titles seems pretty cut and dry that they're about the raid, except "Lemon Pound Cake." That is, until you see the lyrics...

"The Adams County Sheriff Kicked Down My Door
Then I Heard The Glass Break
They Found no Kidnapping Victims
Just Some Lemon Pound Cake"

Youtube/Afroman "Lemon Pound Cake"
Youtube/Afroman "Lemon Pound Cake"

Why Are Police Suing Afroman?

Rappers write music about their life experiences a lot. It's almost exclusively about things they've seen and experienced, so to think Afroman wouldn't write music about this happening is completely ignorant.

What they DIDN'T expect, though, was him using the security footage from the raid as part of the music videos for each of the songs. And THAT'S why Ohio Police are suing him.

According to The Guardian, seven Officers who conducted part of the botched raid on Afroman's home filed a lawsuit in Adams County, Ohio, for use of the officers' likenesses for commercial purposes. They also claim his actions were "willful, wanton, malicious, and done with conscious or reckless disregard," and claimed they have been subject to ridicule by the public, and subject to death threats, which have "rendered them unable to perform their duties properly."

Youtube/Afroman "Will You Help Me Repair My Door"
Youtube/Afroman "Will You Help Me Repair My Door"

Now... I'm not a lawyer, but I like to think I have a fair amount of common sense. If you raid a person's house, their private property, and they're rolling security footage of YOU on THEIR property... that's now their property to do with what they please, right? ESPECIALLY when it turns out, the warrant you were there for ended up being nothing.

These guys botched something pretty significant and offered no apology. And, according to Afroman, the botched raid resulted in lost gig opportunities due to the kidnapping charge written on the warrant. He lost thousands of dollars in potential revenue, and in property damage because of a false claim and botched raid. And I can find no record of the Ohio Police Department, and the judge who signed the warrant, apologizing for the mixup and what they did.

So, in "Will You Help me Repair My Door," when he says...

"You Represent the Law and it's Funny
You're stealing my legal-worked-hard-everyday-paid-taxes-money...
Will you pay me for doing me wrong?
Or will I have to get paid from this song?"

... I kinda think he's got a point.

You can see the videos in question below, and decide if YOU think Afroman was in the right, or if these Ohio Cops have a point.

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