The old saying is "The customer is always right." Tell that to someone who works with customers, and chances are you will get an earful of a rebuttal to that saying.

The Mason Jar Cafe in Benton Harbor seems like an ideal place for a foodie to enjoy either breakfast or lunch. Looking at the menu on their website, it's a establishment well above a basic "hash and dash" diner. And it, like many restaurants, has been through trying times getting through the pandemic. The pandemic has affected many, in many ways, and certainly there's a lot of anger and frustration in the general public.

But this post speaks for many in the food service industry. Enough is enough.

Here's a slightly trimmed down version (full rant below) of what the Mason Jar posted on Facebook on August 30th.

At the Mason Jar, we have been so fortunate to have a fantastic community behind us all these years. We would not be here without you, our days wouldn't be as joyful without you, and we want you to know we appreciate you first and foremost. 😘
With that being said, some of the rest of you were clearly raised by wolves.
The last year and a half have been hard on everyone, and part of our jobs is to not judge someone who may be a little hangry or impatient as it happens to the best of us. But lately, our staff has had to experience a lot more than the typical off-handed comment and we would like to make it clear WE WON'T BE ACCEPTING THAT.
If you, a grown individual, feel the need to yell or curse or throw adult temper tantrums over a situation please do not come. Don't eat here. Don't come through the door. There are many other establishments that would love your money....You could, say, make breakfast at home, and yell at your eggs all you want there....
Food prices surged, deliveries are unreliable, mandates are constantly changing, it is nearly impossible to hire staff, the list can go on- so if we are a little slower, or a little behind, we apologize. But at the end of the day, we're all overworked and doing the best we can. If a mistake is made we'll fix it, if we can help accommodate you, we'll do it. But if you cannot give basic human decency when speaking and feel the need to take out your anger onto someone to show how ✨ big and strong ✨ you are you will be shown the door. - The Mason Jar Cafe on Facebook.

Not a lot you need to add to that.


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