Say you want pickle on your pizza? That was so 2020. Recently the "it" pizza has been chicken and waffle. Chicken on pizza? Sure, it's been done. Breakfast pizza? Yeah, that's a thing, if usually savory.

Go with waffles and sweet maple syrup? Now you're in pineapple territory and someone's gonna want to fight.

Where to Find Chicken and Waffle Pizza near Kalamazoo

On the Kalamazoo Menu Facebook group, some commentors have noticed the trend pop up elsewhere in their social feeds and got curious if any Kalamazoo area restaurants or pizzerias have crafted a chicken and waffle pizza. Turns out they have.

It seems simple enough, slice up some chicken tenders, pop some waffle dough into an iron, or run out and get a box of Eggo, and top with some of your finest quality Log Cabin.

So where can you find chicken and waffle pizza near Kalamazoo? Turn out the Mitten in Grand Rapids and Long Island Cafe in Battle Creek either have it on the menu or have made it as a special.

The Origins of Chicken and Waffles

While you may envision a piece of fried chicken paired with a buttery waffle and syrup on the side, that's not the origin of the dish. That version of chicken and waffles was first served at a supper club in Harlem in the late 1930. The dish actually dates back to the Pennsylvania Dutch in the 1600s serving stewed chicken over a plain waffle with gravy.

Neither is Chicken and waffle pizza a new phenomenon. Check YouTube and you'll find videos dating back a few years extolling the syrupy pie. Papa Johns tried a Chicken and Waffle pizza as part of the 'Nashville hot/hot honey' food trend of the late 2010s.

While food trends will come and go (as chicken and waffle pizza certainly will), some of these foods of the last century are still on your table today while some you have never heard of.

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