Listen, I think we can all agree that when we were stupid and in 6th grade, we used the word gay in a horrible way that's embarrassing to admit. But life, in my opinion, is all about growth and isn't about being perfect. It's about realizing there are things you shouldn't say because of the impact they can make on people, and in general, hating on someone's way of life is stale and I have no time for that negative energy.

People for a long time have used words as weapons against people with less than them and recently one Yelp reviewer was insulting Bobcat Bonnie's, a bar in Detroit, when they left a not-so classy 1-star review about them that wasn't flattering, to say the least. However, Bobcat Bonnie staff was quick to capitalize on the insult and throw it back in the customer's face:

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Did someone say….overpriced? AND gay? Sign us up! Shirts are available for purchase at all Bobcat Bonnie’s locations starting this week! To our Yelp reviewer: Thank you for the new shirt design xoxo

To say this has worked out in Bobcat Bonnie's favor would be accurate, as many people are already commenting that they'll be picking these shirts up on their next visit:

This is literally the best thing I’ve seen all week! LMAO. I’ve never even been to one of your restaurants but this might be the have-to-try push… hahahaha awesome annnnddd I’m getting a shirt! Lol

Let this be a lesson, next time you leave a dumb or offensive comment, your name might be tied to it then printed on thousands of shirts and shared across all of Michigan.

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