We were first introduced to Emmy-Award winner Frankie Muniz in Fox's Malcolm in the Middle. From there, he appeared in many different projects and in many different roles, from Agent Cody Banks to Big Fat Liar. Muinz is back, this time as the lead in the psychological thriller The Black String. Muniz will join Mike McKelly and Stefani Bishop on the Rocker Morning Show Tuesday, October 1st, just after 7:00 to talk about the movie and stepping in to the vastly different role of Jonathan, a twenty-something loner who finds his whole world turned upside down when a mysterious woman enters his life and he is stricken with nightmarish visions. Is he losing his mind, or is there something far sinister behind what he's experiencing? Tune in to find out.

Check out the exclusive Rocker Morning Show interview with Frankie Muniz Tuesday, October 1st just after 7:00.
Bonus Video: Check out the Official Trailer for The Black String

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