There are some funny people in this city who apparently love leaving Google reviews for local police departments and jailhouses. Now, obviously, a Google review isn't gonna make or break a police department so I'm not even sure why the option to review it is even there. The only reason I could come up with for this is for us to look at and laugh as we read through some of the silliness left on these particular locations.

I'm not exactly sure why some of these, which had plenty of reviews on them, were unable to be read but there are plenty to go around. The funnier thing is some of these reviews are pretty convincing, so it's hard for me to tell if they're joking or being totally serious with them.

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Not Afraid of Bad Reviews

Sometimes the best way to hide is right in front of someone's nose, which is what Jersey Giant subs did when they decided to leave up classic 1- star reviews on their wall, Classics that read like:

"Why don't you update your decorations?"


"I'm people luke cold subs, but I don't"


"I don't know how you stay in business with your current model."


"Why don't u have a steak n cheese sandwich. I never been to a Jersey Giant and when I saw your menu and when I came into your store I was dissapointed you didn't have a steak n cheese sandwich for your customers. I guess I have to go somewhere else to get a steak & cheese sandwich."

Now, enjoy these classics:

Hilarious Google Reviews of Local Police Departments & Jails

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