Vudu's Mr. Mom is seeing some early success (due in no small part to the Rocker Morning Show's interview with lead actress Andrea Anders, no doubt). The show's male lead, Hayes MacArthur, will double down with an interview on the Rocker Morning Show Thursday, September 19th, just after 7:00am. You know him from She's Out of My League and Super Troopers 2, but the last time MacArthur graced Mike and Stefani with his presence was to promote the very funny Angie Tribeca. Writer and stand-up comedian turned sought after comic actor, MacArthur will continue the conversation had with Anders, regarding adapting the 1980s Michael Keaton film (Mr. Mom) to 2019. How is MacArthur adapting the nearly taboo subject that was stay-at-home dads in the 80s to today's sensibilities?

Find out when the Rocker Morning Show interviews Hayes MacArthur, Thursday, September 19th, just after 7:00am.


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