Mackinac Island is a very special area in Michigan that still remains one of the few places in the state where you can experience that old-world charm. Where time seems to have seemingly stood still for years and very much feels like the 1800s on most of the island.

That’s the way locals want to keep it, and it’s because of that that there are no automobiles allowed on the island. In their place instead, there are horse-drawn carriages. The return of horses to the island is the inevitable return of spring, and now that the first load of horses has made it to the island, many people are looking forward to better weather and time to make it to the island.
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If you’ve never been to the island before, it’s something, as a Michigander, visiting is somewhat of an unwritten rule that you have to follow. It really is a cool experience to learn about the origins of the island and its history. They’ve done a great job maintaining that history, plus it’s one of the few places where you get around strictly by horse.
It’s truly a fun visit and you can watch the horses below as they are carded onto the island. Strangely enough at one point, there was a plan to connect the major islands to both peninsulas, which would’ve ended up putting somewhat of a freeway on the outskirts of Mackinac Island, but luckily that did not end up happening. There’s no doubt that would’ve changed the entire vibe of the island.

Vintage Photos of Mackinaw City

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