There are good people in this world. Sometimes the news gets pretty heavy, and unfortunately, a lot of good stories are born out of tragedy. But this one's outcome is uplifting, to say the least.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department is praising one of its deputies today after inadvertently finding out that he was doing good deeds right under everyone's noses.

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A release was put out by the Jackson County Sheriff's office, from Sheriff Gary R. Schuette himself, regarding an incident that involved one of his Sergeants.

Unfortunately, press releases from Sheriff's Departments are typically associated with bad news, especially when it has to do with the inner workings of a department. But Sheriff Schuette used the department's power of influence for good this time.

"I was made aware of a very kind and generous gesture that took place over the weekend involving Jackson County Sheriff Sergeant Tom Freeman."

Freeman, according to the release, is a member of the county's Special Response Team, and while on duty as a patrol supervisor one night, he was pulled away to handle a potentially serious developing situation.

Freeman asked another sergeant to take up his post while he handled the incident, and while on his computer, the fill-in man noticed on the desktop, that Freeman had purchased a one-way bus ticket to Lima, Ohio.

This seemed odd, so when Freeman returned, he inquired what the ticket was for. What Sgt. Freeman followed up with is a sad story, that culminates in an incredible act of kindness.

"Earlier in the day, Sgt. Freeman was called to America's Best Hotel (in Jackson), where he made contact with a man who was no longer able to stay due to a lack of money.
The man had traveled from Little Rock, Arkansas to Jackson under a false promise, and when the man realized the scam, he was left to fend for himself."

The man in question is completely blind, and while attempting to buy his return bus ticket in Jackson, everything he had was stolen, including his phone, and what money he had left.

He managed to find his way to the Jackson Police Department, who put him up at the hotel through the St. Vincent Program. But soon, his arrangement ended, and he could no longer stay at the hotel. He also hadn't eaten in two days and didn't know what to do.

That's where Sgt. Freeman steps in.

"The man told Sgt. Freeman that he had family members in Lima, Ohio, where he could go for help. Sgt. Freeman, with his own money, then purchased a bus ticket for the man, and bought the man food and bottles of water for the trip. Sgt. Freeman then made contact with the bus driver, a retired police officer from Maryland, who assured Sgt. Freeman he would watch over the man until he reached his relatives in Ohio."

This is amazing. Sgt. Freeman took it upon himself, not just as an officer of the law, but as a human being, to take this man's worries, and wash them away with a quick act of kindness.

And that, apparently, is the culture that Sheriff Schuette encourages in his department...

"This is an example of dedication and service to our community. Sgt. Freeman, and all of the Deputies at the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, routinely help those less fortunate. They are examples to all of us."

We could all use more people like Sgt. Freeman around us as a good example, and a helping hand from time to time.

You can read the full statement from the Jackson County Sheriff's Department below in their social media post.

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