You've seen her in Workaholics, Bridesmaids, and Eastbound & Down. The multi-talented Jillian Bell will join the Rocker Morning Show Tuesday, September 17th, just after 7:00. Her latest film, Brittany Runs a Marathon, follows the story of 27-year-old Brittany Fogler, an outgoing young woman who finds her years of hard-partying, underemployment, and toxic relationships have finally caught up with her. Too broke to afford a gym, Brittany decides to lace up her sneakers and start training for the New York City Marathon. Based on an inspirational true story of a party girl ditching her toxic life, this movie has been hailed as an uproarious, irreverent, and surprisingly emotional.

Don't miss the Rocker Morning Show on Tuesday, September 17th just after 7:00 for an exclusive interview with Jillian Bell, and go see Brittany Runs a Marathon in theatres now.

Bonus Video: Brittany Runs a Marathon - Official Trailer

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