There are very few people who can say that they are friends with Spider-Man. Let alone have been able to hang out with him. That’s primarily because Spider-Man is a fictional character. However, the Kalamazoo Spider-Man is a real thing and has been around for quite a few years. The man behind the mask has gone out of his way to try and get back to the community that embraced him.

I've been lucky enough to spend some time with this kid and he's got a lot of passion for this role he took on as a 17-year-old kid. But now it seems like he’s hanging up the webs as the Kalamazoo Spider-Man recently announced that for now, he was going to be hanging up the mask:

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Kalamazoo Spiderman
Kalamazoo Spiderman

When I started, I had all the freedom to do what I could do and give back to the community but years later, things have changed personally for me. There are times I think I should give up and hang up the mask forever but I know I don’t wanna give up this legacy and the separate life I had that has changed people's days or even made their spirits uplifted by someone who could just make any day a great day.

Message To The Spidey Fans

To the people and kids alike that I have made their days and made em' smile, just know you hold a deep place in my heart and you are forever cherished as a wonderful human being. Im not sure when I’ll be back but just know one thing from your Friendly Kalamazoo’s Spider-Man. Forever be a leader and never a follower. Remember that.

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