Whether she will always be Donna Pinciotti from That 70s Show to you, or you felt like the third wheel in the Piper/Alex love story in Orange is the New Black, Laura Prepon has been a household name for years. Recently she has stepped in to the role of being a mother, and she found herself blindsided. Stressed out, over-worked, Prepon found herself exhausted. In the midst of this Pinterest perfect world, she felt that other mothers must be struggling, too, but felt too embarrassed to say it. So she wrote a book, You and I, As Mothers: A Raw and Honest Guide to MotherhoodA mix of memoir and handbook, Prepon gives a no holds barred account of the challenges she has faced since becoming a mother, and shares advice concerning the importance of self-care, protecting your partnership, and asking for help. Filled with anecdotes from her youth, and relatable humor, it's sure to be a good read for mothers of all ages and stages.

Join Mike McKelly and Stefani Bishop is welcoming Laura Prepon to the Rocker Morning Show just after 7:00, Thursday, April 23rd.

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