Sadly, we live in a world where women have to carry pepper spray on them to give them some kind of physical advantage if they are ever encountered by someone who is trying to take advantage of them or cause them harm while outside the safety of their home.

That being said, many women do carry pepper spray on them, and unfortunately for them, there are more than just male human predators that they have to watch out, for. There are also predators in the wild, which pepper spray can come in handy against.

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Although the incident of running into a bear and having to defend yourself is rare the Michigan Department of Natural Resources says that Michigan has roughly over 12,000 black bears which are mainly in the upper peninsula but are growing.

One of the suggestions that the Michigan DNR gives is to carry spray, in case a black bear tries to make an aggressive encounter at you. As a DNR explains, there are some life-saving suggestions when and if you run into a bear:

If the bear stands its ground, makes threatening sounds, or bluff charges, you are too close. Take slow steps backward while continuing to talk to the bear in a stern tone. In the rare event of an attack, fight back with a backpack, stick, or your bare hands. Black bears have retreated in similar situations. DO NOT run or play dead. For your safety, NEVER intentionally feed bears! It is critical that they retain their natural fear of humans.

So yes, sadly, women have to carry spray to protect them from men, bears, and pretty much anything else. But at least you have a better chance of surviving a bear attack than men.

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