The last time I was in California was 20 years ago after high school and it was amazing. I went there for my senior trip with my brother so we could skateboard in San Francisco. The state itself is gorgeous beyond measure especially when you’re sailing down the Russian River.

California has so much rich history and beautiful sites to see. It’s no wonder that people want to move there and experience what it’s like living in such an interesting part of the country. It turns out that, lots of people feel the same way which may be why nearly 12,000 people from Michigan just up and moved to California.

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24/7 Wall Street found that in 2022, 11,714 people moved from Michigan to California, which, as they explained, can be for various reasons:

Without needing to be within commuting distance of their office, larger shares of the population are free to choose a place to live based on other factors, including housing, climate, cost of living, and family. Whatever the explanations may be, census data shows that some states are far more popular destinations than others — and California is drawing in more new residents from other parts of the country than nearly every other state.

Why Are Michiganders Moving To California?

I can only imagine the majority of them are either moving for school, work, or the chance to make it big in Hollywood. Would you want to move from Michigan to California, or would you miss living near the Great Lakes too much?

Top 10 States Sending The Most People To California

According to 24/7 Wall St., these are the top 10 states that had the most people move to California.

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

Detroit Pistons Marvin Bagley III's California Mansion for Sale for $1.99M

Pistons forward Marvin Bagely the III has listed his Elk Grove, Calif., residence for $1,995,000. The mansion boasts 9 bedrooms, 8.5baths, 6,802 square feet on 2 acres. Unique features include a full size NBA court with scoreboard, outdoor Jumbtron, three outdoor bars, and a theatre room.

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