It was almost 28 years ago when a young couple living and working in Akron, Ohio went to see Huey Lewis and the News at the Cleveland Coliseum.

With a baby on board, later to be named Ryan, they ventured backstage.

I was working for WONE at the time, and, being the "radio jokester," I said, "You wanna touch the baby, Huey?"

Sure, it was a failed attempt at a Baby Huey joke, but I was young and dumb — not like I am now.

Needless to say, it was a great show. The "Sports Tour" was one of the biggest of the 80s, and now we have come full circle.

Huey was great on the RKR Rocker Morning Show today, and if you missed the interview, you can listen here:

There are still some tickets available for Huey Lewis and the News Sunday night at the the Kalamazoo State Theatre downtown Kalamazoo and, even though you aren't required, we will be bringing our pregnant daughter so I can bring back the "Baby Huey" joke.  I'll apologize now.

BTW, check out the size of those glasses I'm wearing!!! Hey!!! IT WAS THE 80s!!!

Huey Lewis and the News
Mike McKelly and his wife Karla are pictured on the right with Huey Lewis in the center.


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