Gen Z, or Zoomers as they're referred to sometimes are hitting the age of moving out of the house and at times, the state. This seems to be the case with Ohio, as they just saw a 54% increase in Gen Z, at least in Columbus & Cincinnati.

This news comes from a recent survey that mapped where Gen Z was moving from and moving to in mass numbers. Interestingly enough, Michigan is seeing an over 30% decrease in the Detroit-Dearborn area, according to the survey:

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So Gen Z is moving in record numbers, but where are they moving to and from? In absolute terms, their top destination was Texas, which welcomed 345,000 new Gen Z residents in 2023. However, the state with the greatest net gain of Gen Z moves was West Virginia.  In 2023, 138% more Gen Z adults moved to this state than left it. Four others — Utah (+137%), South Carolina (+136%), Colorado (+107%), and Kansas (+107%) — had at least twice as many members of Generation Z move in than move out.

Why Are Gen Z Moving To Ohio?

The only reason I can come up with for Gen Z to move to Ohio of all places is either because of school or work. Then there's the case of an exchange student who thought she was accepted to the University of Miami, in Florida, and then quickly realized that it was the University of Miami, Ohio. So maybe Ohio is tricking them into moving there after it's too late.

Gen Z, blink twice if you're in danger.

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