Yes, this is a fantasy. Odds are you and I are never going to get an at-bat in the Major Leagues. Either we're too old, or the real reason, we don't have the talent to be major leaguers. But that does stop us from dreaming. And a part of that dream now, is having walk-up music; because the big leaguers all do.

What got me started, actually, was a football column, the weekly Football Morning in America from Peter King. King, at the end of Monday's column put the question out there: What would your walk-up music be?

And Benson & Bobby on 107.7 WRKR, we put the question out to you on our Facebook page. We got some fun responses, with the timeliest coming from Chuck Rawlings who wrote "In honor of Miggy's 500th, when he steps up to the plate at Comerica again (and only then), "500 Miles".

But for your personal walk-up music, Vern said "AC/DC's Thunderstruck", Brian's was Ozzy's "Crazy Train", Jay suggested the "Intro to "Heavy" by Collective Soul". Tony suggested Vernon Reid's intro on "Cult of Personality". Troy wants Pantera's Drag the Water". Randall chose "Bad to the Bone", while Thomas was thinking out of the box with Mindless Self-Indulgence's "Never Wanted to Dance". Bobbie went hip-hop with "Future's Jumpin' on a Jet" while Clif and Susan went old-school with "Wild Thing" and "We are the Champions".

As for us, Benson went old school, too with Chicago's Ides of March's "Vehicle". (Though, The Temptations' "Papa Was A Rolling Stone", the intro to that is very cool). Bobby said "Walkin' on Sunshine", which prompted Rocker listener John to suggest "Tip to Through the Tulips" for him.

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