Bobby Guy and I like to post these memes and ideas on Facebook and let you folks fill in the blank. Some work out better than others, but the one yesterday, you really hit it out of the park.

This is the meme we asked you to fill in the blank:

The answers were great. For example:

Terry Kubasiak said: "Fell asleep in my Van Halen t-shirt and woke up runnin’ with the devil."

Pat Kies: "Fell asleep in my Motley Crue shirt and woke up with Girls, girls, girls!!!"

Kardi Galvin: "Fell asleep in my Eagles t-shirt…woke up at Hotel California."

Ethan Pulka: "Fell asleep with my Guns 'n Roses t-shirt on and woke up to a November rain."

Jess Goodrich: "Fell asleep in my Shinedown shirt and found a way to steal the sun from the sky!

Samantha Davis: "Fell asleep in my Elton John shirt and woke up as rocket man."

Rachel Rowlson: "Fell asleep in my Kim Carnes t-shirt and woke up with Betty Davis Eyes"

Nik Zumbers: "Fell asleep in my Beatles t-shirt. woke up to have a Day in the Life."

Robert McWilliams: "Fell asleep in my Ozzy shirt woke up on a Crazy Train"

Brittany Kavanaugh: "Fell asleep in a Prince shirt. Woke up wearing a raspberry beret (the song was clearly about me)."

Dan Matrau: "Feel asleep with my Neil Young shirt on woke up to A Harvest Moon."

Jessica Thompson: "Fell asleep in my Eagles T-shirt woke up with a peaceful easy feeling."

Lisa Mayne: "Fell asleep in my meatloaf shirt, woke up like a bat outta hell."

Manny Olviedo: "Fell asleep in my Cheap Trick shirt, woke up surrounded by The Dream Police!!"

There's more on the Rocker Facebook page, and if you think of one, please add it to the list.

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