Battle Creek cereal maker Kellogg has taken pop tarts out of the toaster and put them into the bowl. Again.

They told us back in August that they were reviving it and now you can find Kellogg's Pop Tart Cereal on the shelves. They debuted the cereal in 1994 only to discontinue it in 1995, and it's exactly how you imagine it; tiny, frosted, jelly-filled squares. But is it any good? Bloggers Tami and Kevin Dunn dig in to strawberry and brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tarts cereal.

If texture is a 'thing' for you, you may not like this. Both Tami and Kevin describe the new breakfast treat as being crunchy on the outside with a chewy inside. The couple agrees that the strawberry is better out of milk, while brown sugar cinnamon should be liberally drowned. Overall, Tami and Kevin liked the new cereal.

Here's what you may not like: 16 grams of sugar. That's 32% of the recommended daily allowance of sugar in 1 cup before you leave the breakfast table. This may be a better dessert than a meal. Take a look at the Dunn's review and the original 90s TV commercial for Pop Tarts cereal below.

Bonus Video: The Original 90s Pop Tarts Cereal Commercial

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