There are only so many people who can claim they've bowled a 300 game and even fewer who can say it was captured on camera. One man from Rochester Hills, Gerry Barr was just filmed bowling a 300 and scoring the final strike. The crazy thing about it was he was able to bowl a second 300-game on the same night, right after his first one. But it gets even crazier.

Up until that night Gerry, who is 84 years young, had never bowled a perfect game in his entire life, so when he bowled back-to-back 300 games, those were the first two of his life. It took him until 84 to master the lane, and he locked in for 20 straight frames, as QC Bowlers Port recently shared:

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At the age of 84, Gerry Barr rolled his 1st ever 300 game on January 11th... 8 games later, on February 1st, he rolled his 2nd!
Gerry, of Rochester Hills, Michigan, bowls in the Red Run League at Universal Lanes in Warren, MI and holds a 200 average.
What an amazing way to celebrate a 300 than to bowl another one. We've had some incredible stories about 300 games here in Kalamazoo, one of which ended in a tragic accomplishment:

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Ed Lorenz was an avid bowler and one night in the early 2000s he passed away from a heart attack at Wayside West, but not before bowling a perfect game surrounded by friends and family. There's not a more poetically tragic way to go, and Ed did it in style, as his daughter remembered and paid tribute to him.

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