Join Stefani Bishop from the Rocker Morning Show in welcoming 68 Whiskey actor Sam Keeley just after 7:00, Monday, February 24th. The #1 cable drama chronicles the lives of a diverse group of army medics stationed together in Afghanistan. Keeley's character, Cooper Roback, is the cocky everyman challenging authority and making enemies along the way. A newer face but no stranger to the screen, Sam Keeley is well remembered for his role in the the popular Ellen Page horror drama The Cured and the BBC's Misfits. He's carving some time out of his very hectic shooting schedule to talk about the show, his home country of Ireland, and spending time in Michigan.
Don't miss the exclusive Rocker Morning Show Interview with Sam Keeley just after 7:00, Monday, February 24th.

Bonus Video: 68 Whiskey Official Trailer | Paramount Network

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