Another year, another GISH! Indeed the scavenger hunt that consumes my every waking moment for eight days has come and gone in a flash, but just like last year, I'm sharing some of the shenaniganzing we got up to because I couldn't be more proud of my team. Without further ado, and using aliases to protect the shameless... The Bish GISHed 2019:


  • Shenanigazoo

    Assbutt in Public

    Completed by Stacy B.

    "Make an Assbutt of yourself in public. Literally." (Assbutt is the unofficial mascot of GISH)

  • Shenanigazoo

    Mud Pie Factory

    Completed by Stefani B, K.T., J.D.

    "At least 3 grownups working in an industrial mud-pie factory. They must be wearing hair nets. Supervising them is at least one tidy child under age 10 in a suit and carrying a clipboard."

  • Shenanigazoo

    Bee Bar

    Completed by Stacy B.

    "Bee-drinking poles are all the rage, but your neighborhood bees deserve to reallyunwind. Create a bee bar - a bee "saloon on a pole" using recycled bottle caps. Install it somewhere public. - Item Written By Misha's Mom"

  • Shenanigazoo

    Bedtime Monster

    Completed by Kara V.

    "A child reading a bedtime story to the monster under their bed. The monster should be charmed and cozy and cuddled up."

  • Shenanigazoo

    Lego Truck at Your Service

    Completed by Stefani B.

    "Create a "food truck" that sells something incongruous with food trucks. It could be delicious pesticides, microchips, shower caps or anything in between. It can't be compassion, empathy, or anything that "feeds the soul." As loathe as we are to say this: get creative. Your truck must advertise its wares with flashy signage." - Thanks Chef Reid and Curry in a Hurry for use of your truck!

  • Shenanigazoo

    Christ on a Paddleboard

    Completed by Shenanigazoo

    "You know that saying: "Christ on a paddleboard!" Well, it's used for a reason - Jesus walked on water and was an innovator in the Stand-Up Paddleboard world. Show Jesus on a stand-up paddleboard, with at least 3 disciples following him in a rowboat, canoe, or scull."

  • Shenanigazoo

    Mustache Cat

    Completed by K.T.

    "A housecat happily flaunting a stylish mustache."

  • Shenanigazoo

    Tooth Fairy Gone Rogue

    Completed by J.D.

    "The tooth fairy is sick and tired of waiting around to collect the teeth under kids' pillows, so she's gone rogue and has started taking them right out of their mouths to meet her quota. Obviously, she needs to be stopped! Create an effective anti-tooth fairy nighttime mouth guard and show it in use, successfully stopping the thieving fairy. -Ant G."

  • 29

    Blind Date

    Completed by Stefani B.

    "Take a dinner date to an upscale restaurant - the fancier, the better - wear white. There must be a white linen tablecloth. Sit across from each other and feed each other dinner while both of you are blindfolded. You must be serving one another red wine or a similar dark beverage, too." - Special thanks to Joel Gesiakowski from Taste

  • 30

    Carry On My Wayward Son in Front of Monument

    Completed by L.B.

    "The recorder is an under-appreciated instrument, with roots in ancient times. The depth of its mythical sirenic tones are magical and hypnotic. So what better place to play this divine woodwind than amongst the most beautiful sites in the world? Play the Kansas song "Carry on Wayward Son" at sunset on a recorder, overlooking one of the following: the Grand Canyon (Arizona, US), Angkor Wat (Cambodia), Machu Picchu (Peru), Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal (India), the Colosseum (Italy), Iguazu Falls (Brazil), Stonehenge (UK), Egyptian Pyramids or the Sphinx, Tikal (Guatemala), Angel Falls (Venezuela), Atacama Desert (Chile), Arashiyama Bamboo Grove (Japan), The Azores (Portugal), Boulders Beach (South Africa), Cappadocia (Turkey), Cliffs of Moher (Ireland), Disko Bay (Greenland), Lake Tekapo (New Zealand), Na Pali Coast (Hawaii, US), Sagrada Familia (Spain), Eiffel Tower (France), Reynisfjara (Iceland), Trolltunga (Norway), Ubud (Indonesia), Sydney Opera House (Australia), Banff National Park (Canada), Niagara Falls (New York or Ontario), Yellowstone (Wyoming), El Capitan (Yosemite), Statue of Liberty (Liberty Island), Eilean Donan Castle (Scotland), Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany), Matterhorn or Zermatt (Switzerland), or Chichen Itza (Mexico)."

  • 39

    Maxi-Golf Course

    Completed by K.V.

    "There's regular golf, and mini-golf, but where are all the maxi-golf courses? We want to see it all - the giant putters, the huge balls, and of course, the windmill."

  • Shenanigazoo

    GISH Made Me Do It

    Completed by K.T.

    "I always feel a lot of guilt about the tattoo items in GISH. The first time I added one, I thought it was funny until I saw the tatts and then I felt a little bad. Of course, it gives me a rush of power when I see them in person, and many of them are actually very cool... So I have an idea that allows me to keep feeling powerful, but takes away all of my guilt: Get a tattoo of the encouraging message you wish your higher self had written to get you through the tough times. Because I know many of you already have inspiring tattoos, you must submit two images. The first is an image of you getting the tattoo when you are halfway done at the tattoo parlor, in the chair, holding a sign that reads, "GISH made me do it." The second image is of the finished tattoo. If you can, include your triumphant face. (Don't include more than 2 images in your submission. Just one image with two photos side by side.)"

  • Shenanigazoo

    Send Noods!

    Completed by A.S.

    "Send noods! There’s been an epidemic of people sending explicit noodle photos to unsuspecting people. We believe consent is important, and in this case, we consent—with some STRICT caveats: Recreate a TASTEFUL image of a famous nude painting or sculpture in noodles ONLY and then post it on social media tagged #SendNoods. Submit your actual image and a link to the tweet in your comments."

  • Shenanigazoo

    Childhood Fear Conquered!

    Completed by B.B.

    "Ask a child aged 5 or under what their greatest fear is. Create and photograph or film a scene of you and them conquering this fear together. - Kristin L."

  • Shenanigazoo


    Completed by K.H.
  • Michael Spencer

    Magic Eye

    Completed by M.S.

    "The ’80s are back, and we can’t escape all that goes with them: including stereoscopic images. Make a stereoscopic “Magic Eye” image of something that scares you as much as '80s fashion scares us."

  • Shenanigazoo

    Skittles Pie

    Completed by L.J.

    "Over the years, Jensen Ackles has been depicted in Skittles, but we all know his character Dean loves pie. Let's do a crossover: Bake a Skittles pie with a portrait of Jensen baked into the upper crust. Lattice work in the top crust should allow you to see the Skittles inside behind Jensen."

  • Shenanigazoo

    A Moth's Life

    Completed by L.J.

    "Not all insects aspire to just be insects. Some have ambitions and hobbies! Without harming it, get a live fly, beetle, roach or other insect to sit on a sheet of paper and doodle an environment around it showing it at its job or hobby."

  • Shenanigazoo

    GISHemon Trading Cards

    Completed by J.J.

    "The hot new trading card battle game is GISHémon! Create a trading card for each of your team mates with their photo and stats (location, Gisher type, powers, etc.) as the powerful kindness monsters they are. We must see each teammate's unobscured face for it to count. Photo editing is okay."

  • Shenanigazoo

    A Carbon Footprint on a Globe

    Completed by K.T.
  • 110

    The Floor is Lava

    Completed by Shenanigazoo

    "Play “the floor is lava” in front of the Osservatorio Vesuviano in Pompeii. If you can’t get to Pompeii, you can play it at any Olive Garden, as long as you get other diners to join in."

  • Shenanigazoo

    Gnome Crimes

    Completed by Stacy B.

    "You know those garden gnomes that dotted your grandmother’s backyard? Well, it’s been a while and now they have fallen on hard times. They have turned to a life of crime and misanthropy. Their little gnome hearts are filled with despair, hatred, and regret. Show us the before and after."

  • 124

    Put Your Face Where it Doesn't Belong

    Completed by D.M.

    "Put your face somewhere it absolutely does not belong. Not a picture of your face. Your real face. In that place. Where it should NOT be! (Keep it clean. My mother will see this.)"

  • Shenanigazoo

    An Ode to Battleship

    Completed by Stefani B.

    "You know how they keep making movies out of games? Like the Pikachu movie? Or Battleship: The Movie? Why don’t they ever go after the real money and make poems out of these properties? Write Battleship the poem, or Pikachu the poem. Must be at least 10 lines long."

  • Shenanigazoo

    Avocado Peel Shoes

    Completed by Stefani B.

    "You look so festive with your “real avocado leather” purse or shoes made from avocado peels. - Inspired by Debbie M."

  • Shenanigazoo

    Evolution of a Selfie

    Completed by Stacy B.

    "Evolution of the selfie: A person with an iPhone taking a selfie next to a person with a point-and-shoot camera who is taking a photo of a person with a Polaroid camera who is taking a picture of a person with a 35mm camera who is taking a photo of a person with a daguerreotype camera taking a picture of a person with a camera obscura taking a picture of someone painting a self-portrait. This should be a single photo, not photos from each camera."

  • 199

    Synchronized Slip n' Slide

    Completed by Stacy B., K.T., J.D., and Stefani B.

    "Synchronized Slip n' Slide. Tandem sliders executing at least 3 beautiful, perfectly synchronized poses will win the gold. You must have judges and large score cards present."

  • 208

    Mall Zombies

    Completed by K.H, M.T., and K.T.

    "Everybody always thinks zombies are after their brains, but they're just really into "tag", as evidenced by the 3 zombies playing slow-speed tag in your local mall, then speed it up and send it in."