The dynamic 1970s stoner comedy duo of Cheech and Chong, are capitalizing on the wave of marijuana legalization by bringing the public their latest project, a fun little video game called Bud Farm where you grow your own marijuana, expand your operation, the whole time sneaking under the Sergeant's nose. Tommy Chong joined Mike McKelly and Stefani Bishop on the Rocker Morning Show to talk about his latest endeavor.

He wasn't at all surprised to learn that the state of Michigan is smoking the most pot during the pandemic. "I've been to Michigan. I can understand it," the comedian joked.

Bud Farm was a long time coming. Having first worked on a Candyland style board game years ago, their concept for Bud Farm was a long way away as far as what was possible. "We had a game called Cheech and Chong's Hippie Van, "Chong recalled of the board game. "But we had to wait until the technology caught up with us. But Bud Farm is just a great game. You can play it on your phone. You can play it anywhere. You can do it on teams. You can play by yourself. Really good for this day and age for sure."
Game play seems in the vein (or strain?) of Farmville. "You're trying to grow the bud and you're trying to keep away from the sergeant who's trying to bust you. Between the two as you grow as you progress, you can gain points. And you can lose it all if the sergeant gets you. I'm not great at explaining anything. I need help turning on my phone."
"One of the perks of smoking weed," Chong confided, "you don't grow old mentally."
Download Bud Farm to your phone here, and listen to the full exclusive Rocker Morning Show interview with Tommy Chong, below.

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