Fresh off the success of HBO's Divorce, actress Talia Balsam jumped feet first in to the much celebrated indie film South Mountain, a film about a woman who finds her world crashing down around her after her husband reveals that he's recently had a baby with another woman. Now streaming on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and many more, Balsam took the time to chat with Mike McKelly and Stefani Bishop on the Rocker Morning Show about South Mountain and the future of movie watching.

South Mountain was supposed to be released in select theatres throughout the country, but due to cinemas being shuttered, the production company decided to release it on streaming platforms instead of delaying the premiere. "At least (streaming is) making things available," the actress said of the unconventional movie debut. And in regard to straight-to-streaming productions, she added, "I'm wondering if we were headed that way, anyway."
South Mountain runs the gamut of emotions, from grief to anger to hopelessness. Both the script and depth of the character drew Balsam to the project, "My agent brought (the script) to me... and it was so beautifully written. My son was just about to go off to college. What is the idea of him not being around anymore and that sort of empty next thing? And that 's why this move stuck a chord with me. I think things come to you for a reason and I think this woman was grappling with people leaving and not having much choice and having invested in this Utopian world she had made and people were leaving. I think I related to that some how."
More than just the script, this indie film had other appeal. "I can say for me it was a woman director, such a good script with such a small footprint was very challenging to me. I think it's a very internal movie."
Find South Mountain available now on several platforms and hear the entire Rocker Morning Show interview with Talia Balsam below.

Bonus Video: South Mountain (2020) Official Trailer | Breaking Glass Pictures Movie

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