Yesterday, The Rocker Morning Show read a list of foods that certain celebrities refuse to eat, and some of them were quite surprising. For instance, Tom Brady doesn't like strawberries. I thought strawberries were a universal pleasure! Martha Stewart doesn't like truffle oil. I could have sworn that Stewart started the truffle oil craze, the "pumpkin spice" for the discerning palate. Chrissy Teigen doesn't like Nutella, Gordon Ramsey despises pineapple on pizza, and Queen Elizabeth won't anything with garlic in it. That got us thinking... what won't you eat? Here are the most popular answers:

  1. Lamb: Macaroni Salad
  2. Knauss, S. Earl, J. Smith, A. Loveless : Sushi
  3. Iler, A.Schwili, L. Pliley, C. Hale, S. Kern, R. Banks: Liver
  4. Buhrow: Avocado
  5. Hawkins: Spinach
  6. Kong, P. Vandenberg: Beets
  7. McKelly, Duarte: Sweet Potatos
  8. Irving, S. Partain: Onions
  9. Baker, M. Hollis, L. Marks: Cilantro
  10. Fhae, L. Marks: Fish
  11. Heald, T. Stickney: Snails
  12. Trainer, C. Higgins: Brussels Sprouts
  13. Hirdning, L. Pliley, R. Banks: Lima Beans

Remember, folks! Taste buds change over time, so consider tasting some of these foods from time-to-time to see if your palate has changed. Except olives.

Bonus Videos: Foodamazoo

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