If you were on the bar scene in the 90s, Playgrind probably rocked your face off. Watch this 1993 video of a full live set at Peppers.

Kalamazoo has always had a vibrant local music scene and there have been some great places to see bands play over they years. One we all miss is Peppers. If you spent any time there, you probably remember Playgrind. Every time these guys were on stage, they brought the show: hair flips and guitar licks.


  • Michael McIntosh: Vocals
  • Cliff Frantz: Guitar
  • Mike Charbonneau: Guitar
  • Kevin Trapp: Bass
  • Matt Moser: Drums

So, whatever happened to these guys? A post on the Peppers Rocked Kalamazoo Facebook page reports Mike and Matt are in Drop 35 and Mike also does solo gigs.

Take a trip back to the day and see video guitarist Cliff Frantz uploaded to his YouTube channel and shared on Facebook saying "we always loved playing at Peppers." The nearly 40 minute set includes some originals from their tapes. 

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Bonus Video: Playgrind "A World Without Mirrors"

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