He became a household name when he joined the cast of Mad TV. Now Will Sasso is back with United We Fall, a sitcom about love, marriage, and unorthodox parenting done right. United We Fall airs Wednesdays at 9:00pm, and is available the next day on Hulu. Sasso took the time to chat with Stefani Bishop from the Rocker Morning Show about the unexpected success of Mad TV and what drew him to his latest project.

Although one of the most recognizable personalities from Fox's 90s sketch show Mad TV, Sasso joined the cast in season three. "The veteran cast was like, 'hey, this isn't going to last long so know you lines and get some footage for your demo reel.' It just kept getting picked up every year, and by season five we were kinda like 'ok, but I think everyone can go out and rent a nicer apartment'," he remarked of his time on the show. He's taking that energy to the set of United We Fall.

"The cool thing about the show is that the writer creator, Julius Sharpe, is basing it on his real actual life, and his wife, Stephanie Escajeda, is also a writer/producer on the show," Sasso shared, enthusiastically. He was eager to explain what sets this show apart from your average family sitcom. "Each of the situations comes from their lives and the lives of the rest of the writers, so its a real treat to play when something is extremely absurd, but standing right there are the people who lived it. These two are very unorthodox parents and are just doing it with a lot of love like a lot of couples out there who have kids and don't have a road map."

His first impression of the script was that it genuinely funny and not heavy on the saccharine. "When I read the script, I really dug it. I thought it was quite relatable. I thought it was a nice family comedy within a script that actually made me laugh, which as an actor, you should be so fortunate to come across a script like that.

"When you can work for a living on something you enjoy as much as this - with people, we've got a really kind group of people - I consider myself beyond lucky. There's no world where I don't want to do this show."

Listen to the exclusive Rocker Morning Show interview with Will Sasso below.

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