I don’t know if it’s somebody playing an immature prank or trying to get a rise out of people, but somebody in a local Facebook group may be trying to trigger two intense fears in one stream story, which may end up being an urban legend that has people squirming.

The urban legend has to do with a little person who is apparently a clown in the 1970s and supposedly haunts multiple locations in Allegan. The story goes like this, according to the person who posted the story.
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I first heard the story of Clown Boy in 1970 while camping in Allegan Forest. Obviously he is a dwarf and still to this day driving past Mighty Midget gives me chills.. He brought his act to the local fair during the 1950s the act was part magic and part horror.
But what did Clown Boy have to do with the old wishing well on Lake Allegan and a small local lake where people claimed to have seen ghost of children followed by the appearance of Clown Boy...
You can read the entire story soon at The Allegan Forest Museum of Campfire Stories. And you can find the actual locations and decide for yourself if Clown Boy still haunts The Forest.
Personally, the fact that they used a photo of the circus performer Jimmy Armstrong while performing at the Beatty-Cole-Hamid Circus at Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey takes a little bit of the reality out of the story, so I think this may be the case of someone trying to share spooky campfire story that's more gravy than of grave...so to speak.

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