Spring is back in with the return of good weather. It means we finally get to go out and enjoy nature again. There are so many spots to enjoy the return of budding flowers and green leaves in southwest Michigan and bike portage bike rental has made it easier for people to get around to enjoy those walks.

Discover Kalamazoo just announced that the return of spring is also the return of the Bike Portage bike rental program, which opens up Saturday, April 1. They recently made the announcement on social media.
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SPRING IS HERE! The BIKE PORTAGE rental program opens on April 1. Explore the Portage park trail system on two wheels. Rent a bicycle at the BIKE PORTAGE bike station on the Portage Creek Bicentennial Park Trail, just north of the Celery Flats Pavilion. Download the Movatic app from the App Store or Google Play, create an account then follow the prompts to pay on the app and unlock a bike. Bicycles must be returned to the rental location by park closing time each day.
If you need to know more about their program you can check it out here.
As of now, I'm not seeing any kind of electric bike option from Discover Kalamazoo for the rental program, but I know there are electric options out there. In September 2021, Portage Parks & Recreation officially started the program, which you can access through the MOVATIC APP.
I'm just not looking forward to not opening my door in the morning and instantly hating my life when negative 10-degree wind destroys my soul.

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