You may remember recently when we told you about a Detroit bar that used a one-star review that they received online calling them “Over-priced and gay “and turning it into a T-shirt, which sold like crazy. Well, that restaurant which has a deep history in Detroit is going to be making its way to downtown Kalamazoo as the company just teased about opening a location recently.

They haven’t announced exactly where it’s going, but from the look at the picture that they posted online, I think it may be on Rose St., possibly near the Valley Museum. As mentioned, Bobcat, Bonnie’s is rooted in the family as they describe on their website:

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While our logo takes on a more animalistic representation of a bobcat, the true nature of Bobcat Bonnie’s is rooted in the character of one very special grandma– the original Bonnie.  In the fields of her farm in Ohio, Bonnie spent most of her time driving and working her favorite feline front loader– a Bobcat.  Her spirit, can-do attitude, and unique sense of style is at the very heart of everything we do.

Beginnings of Bonnie's

In May of 2015, the Owner of Bobcat Bonnie's Matt Buskard made his childhood dream come true when he and his partner opened the first Bobcat Bonnie’s restaurant in a 150-year-old building that once held  The Red Devil in 1963, and Oblivion’s closed down shortly before Bonnie's opened.

We'll keep a close eye on when they plan on opening what is believed to be their 8th location.

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