Roald Dahl's much beloved book turned major motion picture has been entertaining audiences for nearly ten years as a family-friendly musical. Matilda, a precocious 5-year-old girl develops the gift of telekinesis, which she uses to overcome her family traumas and school bullies. Her teacher, Miss Honey, sees Matilda's potential more than any other adult in her life, and helps to foster and hone her abilities. This Tony Award winning musical opens Kalamazoo Civic Theatre's 91st season, but they need your help making it happen.

For one of the big musical numbers, resident Properties Master Stacy Bartell is in need of 21 scooters. All donated scooters need to be in operational condition, however size and color are not an issue. Pick-up is available, too! If you've been looking to clean out that garage, or have been putting off taking your children's scooters to the thrift store, consider giving that scooter a chance to go out in the spotlight!

For questions, comments, or to schedule a donation/pick-up, email Stacy at, or call 269-343-2280.

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