Many know Diedrich Bader for his roles as Oswald Lee Harvey on the long-running comedy The Drew Carey Show and Lawrence from the film Office Space. Bader has had roles in animated features such as Ice AgeSurf's UpThe Simpsons, and voiced the role of Batman in the animated television series Batman: The Brave and Bold. He has also been in the comedies The Beverly HillbilliesNapoleon DynamiteMiss Congeniality 2Balls of Fury, and Meet the Spartans. But the highlight of his career has got to be returning to join Mike McKelly and Stefani Bishop on the Rocker Morning Show. The star of ABC's American Housewife will call - from a safe distance while self isolating - just after 7:00am Tuesday, March 24th.

Check out the exclusive Rocker Morning Show interview with Diedrich Bader, Tuesday, March 24th, just after 7:00am.

Bonus Video: American Housewife (ABC) "Family" Promo HD

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