When I heard to term 'drive-thru funeral home,' I thought it was someone making a joke, but apparently, there have been a few of these, with one being in Kalamazoo and another apparently at Paradise Funeral Chapel in Saginaw, MI.

Vanished Kalamazoo was holding the discussion recently and one person was able to shed a little light on a somewhat morbid discussion piece. However, the building one commentator was describing below has just been demolished:

Years ago (Many) there was one on the corner of Stockbridge and Portage. I think now its a church or something. It had a big picture window on the street side where people could drive by down Stockbridge and view the deceased.

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The one most people believe had this feature is Langeland's Family Funeral Home off Burdick, but as a former police officer pointed out, may not have been used often:

As Ms. Jenn Keyser mentioned, I believe it was Langlands on South Burdick, but I think it was used only for delicate situations. Not sure when the "feature" was introduced (late 60's or early 70's maybe?), nor how long it was offered. Without context, the concept seems kind of tasteless to me...just sayin'.

When asked what would qualify as a delicate situation he responded:

a family member who was physically incapable of entering the funeral home, a medically quarantined mourner, a convict not allowed out of jail transport-escort etc.

I don't know how comfortable I would be driving up and seeing a dead loved one, that can't be the most comfortable thing and would definitely be the worst drive-thru you could ever visit. It may even ruin them for you.

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