When the last of the snow melts in Kalamazoo and the weather starts warming up a little bit, there are some things that happen in the city that really show that spring is upon us.

You’ll start to see areas like east crosstown fill back up with water and the geese return to their gang hangout. You start seeing animals and nature come back and embrace the warmth and unfortunately, the good people with the Kalamazoo Growlers have to deal with... a little water.

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Buy a little water I mean their entire baseball field is flooded with over a foot of water. This is not the first time they have had to deal with this. In fact, this is a regular issue because of where Homer Stryker Field is located. Unfortunately, this is an issue that can arise during the regular season as well and has in the past.

It’s gotten so bad before that one person was even able to kayak in the outfield, and we have video footage to prove it.

The first seeable forecast in Kalamazoo looks sunny and warmer so hopefully, the water will recede and they can get ready for another championship season. Until then there's very little that can be done except for waiting for the water levels to lower and hoping the water gets the heck out of there by opening day.

The water damage from the field flooding from what I've experienced has been low, so hopefully, no significant damage has been caused.

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