Kids get into everything in your house. If it's within reach of a toddler, one of two things is going to happen - It'll either end up broken and missing, or it's going directly in their mouths.

THANKFULLY that wasn't the case for a 4-year-old in Lawton, as teachers caught the child with METH during snack time at school that they'd brought from home!

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Last week, the Van Buren County Sheriff's Narcotics Unit was called to help the Lawton Police Department with a drug investigation that started at an unnamed elementary school.


"The investigation began after the Van Buren County Narcotics Unit was called to the school Monday (Feb. 27th) on a report that the child pulled out a bag containing 1.5 ounces of meth during snack time."

HOLY CRAP! This 4-Year-Old nearly had the craziest snack time of their short little lives! What did they think it was, homemade fun dip?
I can just imagine the conversation with the teacher that caught them...

"OH, little Billy, what do you have there?"
"It's candy my mom and dad make, and sell to people who sleep under bridges."

And as a 4-year-old, too, I'm sure they had no idea what they had, and how bad it was. They just know the teacher took their snack during snack time... mean ole Teacher lady.

Thankfully, the kid didn't have enough time to actually snack on the meth, and wasn't able to share it with his fellow classmates, and authorities began an immediate investigation.

A search warrant was executed at the home of Jaime Carrizales Jr. and Rasheida Cunninghame, where they found a large amount of cocaine, as well as a digital scale. They were arrested and brought in on charges of maintaining a drug house, possession with intent to deliver cocaine, possession with intent to deliver meth, and child endangerment.

The child has since been placed with other family members following a call to child protective services.

Police are still investigating how the 4-year-old child got ahold of a baggie of meth in the house, but it sounds like it was probably just lying around.

So two lessons to take away from this story:
One - Toddlers will get into literally everything. So if you're dealing drugs out of your house, don't keep them within reach of your children. And Two - (Probably the most important lesson) DRUGS ARE BAD!

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