So many people want to know what Elvis Presley was like behind the scenes and yet, so few people really got to know the man himself. I’m lucky enough to say that our family has a friend who, since 1985, has been telling her stories about his time with Elvis in the army.

The stories up until recently have been few and far between but one thing is for certain the more we hear them the more interested we become in them. Now, Johnny Lang has finally put his memories and the special bond he shared with Elvis Presley for two years onto paper. The book is called 'My Army Days with Elvis: Friendship Football & Follies,' and it not only gives you a sneak peek into the man Elvis was but more importantly, the friend he was.

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Anybody who’s been lucky enough to meet Johnny can tell you, you can almost see a little bit of Elvis in him. That’s just the kind of guy he was, but while reading this book, you not only get to see some never before seen photos of the king during his time in the army in Germany in the late 1950s, but you also get a look into the private lives of the Memphis Mafia and Johnny’s personal life with his friend.

The book starts off with strange coincidences, that ultimately led to Johnny meeting Elvis en route to Germany. What would spawn after that is two years of hilarity, fun, and experiences that made a lasting impact on Johnny. As he said, "I didn’t care about his fame, I didn’t care about his money, I cared about him as a friend because that’s who he was. My friend."

I’m lucky enough to say I shook the hand that shook the hand, but getting to read these stories, finally put a real perspective, not only on the relationship that they had but the man that I know as my Uncle Bean, Johnny Lang. Always the life of the party, he’s as compassionate as he is hilarious. After reading these short stories, I kind of feel like I know Elvis a little bit myself. Hail to the King baby.

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