Normally when an announcer gets hyped up for a game, they'll save and conserve energy in case they need to go all-in for an epic game call. AEW's Jim Ross, NHL's Gary Thorn, Guss Johnson, and Al Michales are all excellent examples of how you can make a legendary call, and this young man from West Michigan may join those ranks, right up there with "Boom goes the dynamite."

Last night Aiden Lynch, a sophomore broadcaster was calling the Hamilton Hawkeyes Basketball game, and at the conclusion of the Hawkeyes' 57-45 victory, he made the epic call that the superintendent of the school was giving them a snow day, which resulted in a court-rushing celebration from the student section, and Aiden giving the epic call:

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Our superintendent just informed the students of tomorrow’s snow day after a big boys basketball win. This is the best thing I’ve seen in a while. Our sophomore broadcaster Aiden Lynch couldn’t compose himself on the live broadcast!
This kid has a bright future ahead of him with epic calls like this. It takes me back to when I would wait up at night for the news to tell me schools had been canceled for Rochester Community. You can see the joy and excitement of the snow day in the video below.
Oh and the happiness of winning a game too...
Congratulations to Aiden and all the kids of Hamilton Schools for the crucial win and extra day off. May your mornings start as late as possible.

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