When Detroit native  R.M. Easterly was left waiting on the side of the highway for 5 hours when her car broke down in 2017, she thought to herself, "There's absolutely no reason anyone should have to be stranded for 5 hours." Especially when you pay for roadside assistance, this is something that should have been handled quickly. If only there was an app where you could find someone to bring you gas.

Well thanks to R.M., there's now an app available in Kalamazoo and most of Michigan that finds people for all sorts of quick jobs, from picking up your dog's poo in the yard, doing your dishes, cleaning in general, moving furniture and all other sorts of work. The app is called THYIM (They Help You In Minutes) and it's now available to use and download, as they describe it:

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Founder R.M. Easterly, Michigan native,  is on a mission to have THYIM become the Amazon of everyday services for everyday people, with its fast service, affordable prices, no appointments, no quotes, reviews on the blockchain, and biometrics integrated into the app for safety measures. THYIM will also empower gig workers with higher wages and flexibility without a set schedule, no experience is necessary and there is no cost to become a helper.

How The THYIM App Works

If you want to be a helper, you have to pass a background check, so the app is safe to use, and not just anyone can be a worker.

The THYIM Helper App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, and will soon be available on Google Play, but until then can be downloaded directly onto Android phones through the website.

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