‘Tis the season for horror movie binges! Then again, when you’re a metalhead, horror movies are rolling year round. Now the air is filled with fright and terror, making our spooky lifestyle socially acceptable for 31 days. While it kind of sucks that our culture is appropriated for one month out of the year, it’s also kind of awesome since our favorite scary flicks are more accessible and corpse paint is so easy to find at any costume or drug store. Although, if you casually walk to the bus stop in broad daylight in the middle of October while dressed like Ace Frehley, you’ll still get dirty looks. Believe me, I’ve tried!

Since the most metal holiday of all is upon us, we might as well get our spook on with some of the heaviest horror movie soundtracks of all time. We’ve compiled a list of metal horror movie soundtracks to rock out to for those of us who aren’t fans of Huey Lewis and the News.

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