One of the greatest snack foods of all time has to go to the salty, delicious crunchy curves of heaven, potato chips. When you think of Michigan potato chip companies, you think of the big 4, which are Better Made, Uncle Ray's, Downey's Potato Chips, and Great Lakes Potato Chips. But right here in Kalamazoo, there was once a potato chip company that claimed to be "The World's Best."

Be Mo Potato Chips were made out of Kalamazoo and in 1984, The Kalamazoo Gazette announced that they were unfortunately forced to file bankruptcy:

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A part of Kalamazoo's North Side for 54 years, officials of the Be-Mo Potato Chip Co. plan to file for bankruptcy by the end of this week. Since shutting down operations in mid-July, company officials have been searching for someone to buy the potato chip factory at 806 Cobb, said William Brenneman, general manager of the plant. James Engbers, attorney for the company, said Tuesday he is preparing the list of Be-Mo's assets and creditors necessary to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

No Chips For You

Since folding, there have never been any plans for Be Mo to open back up, but there is still a chance for you to own a piece of history, as someone in St. Joseph is apparently selling an original Be Mo Potato Chip can. Although it's covered in rust, this would be a serious relic of Kalamazoo's history to own:

morsto12 ebay
morsto12 ebay

I would imagine a hard-to-find item like this won't last long.

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