When you visit a new city, or are moving to a new place, one of the first things you want to explore is the unique foods it has to offer. I know, when I moved to Kalamazoo, I almost immediately gained 10 pounds from all of the suggestions people gave me.

But it got me to thinking, what are the best food places to visit in Kalamazoo, and what should I order when I get there? So... I asked you guys, and got some EXCELLENT suggestions I wanted to share.

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First of all, there were FAR too many individual responses to put them all in this story. Kalamazoo is FULL of amazing places to eat, and tons of unique dishes, and drinks.

Some people offered up some unique, local restaurant suggestions, but didn't specifically mention a signature dish or drink. In fact, most said to literally "order anything off the menu." Some of those included:

  • Shkode at Gun Lake Casino
  • Sweetwater's
  • The Tangy Crab
  • Black Rock
  • One Well Brewery
  • Skinny Kenny's BBQ
  • Old Burdick's
  • Bimbo's Pizza

But it's those signature dishes that you HAVE to try when you visit that everyone wants to talk about. Within 10 minutes of talking about food with someone from Kalamazoo, I was told to go to Shakespeare's and order the Nachos.

It's that kind of direct instruction and dedication in food selection that I love. So the next time you're having trouble picking something for dinner (or to drink) give these a shot...

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