There are some things in life that just aren't worth selling away, and for one West Michigan resident, the truth of that has never been so strong. Zakk Fell in Ionia recently reached out to a group called West Michigan Musicians in the hopes that somebody would be able to help him track down a guitar that once belonged to his dad. Zakk's father sadly recently passed away, and he expressed his passion to see the guitar once more:

I’m searching for my dads guitar. It is an original IBANEZ JEM 77BFP 1991 Blue floral. My dad got the guitar at Del's in Holland MI sometime around 1990 or 91. He traded it in for a Gibson Les Paul at guitar Center in Kentwood Mi around 2012 or 13. This guitar was part of my childhood. I saw him play this guitar every day of my life growing up and I was actually devastated when he got rid of it. My dad passed away the other day and it would mean more than anything to me and my family if we could locate it and possibly get it back.
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The guitar his dad used was very rare and it's personally unlike anything I've ever seen. Zakk goes on to describe its features, as well as providing images of his dad playing it for anyone to get a good look:
Some distinctive markings on the guitar is a scrape across the letter “N” in the headstock that he colored in with a blue sharpie. Some minor nicks in the paint around the handle. The fret board is stained from years of him playing it and the case is worn well. The inside of the case is pink (which I’m doing research online I haven’t seen this model Jem with that style case.
Below are the pictures he provided. An update provided by him says the guitar may have made its way to either LA or New York. Anyone with any information is urged to contact Zakk HERE:

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